Study of Automated Salt Spreading Technology

In May 2104, Thompson Engineering finished a project to understand the status of automated spreader technology. Thompson Engineering developed several guides to help agencies assess the levels of automation available and how best to implement the latest technology into DOT fleets. The Final Report, the Guides, and the Final Presentation are available here.

The webinar presenting the results of this research project to Clear Roads. In this 49-minute presentation, project researcher Todd Thompson and Greg Thompson outline the study’s findings and answer questions from the Clear Roads project panel. The video of the webinar can be viewed by clicking here.

The graphic below is from the section “levels of automation”.

main_diagram_w_arrows_and_numbers (2)

Aquatic Invasive Species Report

TEC conducted a study of different concepts to reduce the spread of invasive species throughout MN.  Working closely with the MN depaprtment of Natural Resources TEC prepared a report that evaluates methods for limiting and preventing the spread of AIS by addressing the unintentional transport problem on boats, trailers, dock, boatlifts, and other recreational equipment.  Below is a diagram for proposed inspection sites in the Gull Lake region near Brainerd, MN.


TEC researched, developed a model and wrote a report entitled, “Identify Options and Costs for Implementing Measures to Prevent the Spread of AIS” for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.  This report was finished January, 2012.  It can be down-loadeded here:

Solar Panels for the National Park Service

TEC installs solar panels in Mojave National Park
The new solar panels will power the nature center at Hole In The Wall campground in the park. They are being installed in September 2010.

Thompson Engineering

Thompson Engineering Company (TEC) is a proven consulting and engineering company. We are pioneers in GPS/AVL technologies, an innovator in energy efficiency, and a leader in sustainability issues and applications.  TEC uses the latest technology, thinking, and engineering to create efficient solutions to complex technical problems and to improve management and leadership practices for government, education, and business.

The solar panels installed by TEC at the Mohave National Park in California.